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What Is PPF? And PPF Account Maturity Calculator?

Public Provident Fund ( PPF ):-Just as a bank has a savings and current account, the bank also provides the facility of ppf account. A ppf account is a long term investment account that you can open in your bank. In which you get a rate of 4% which is tax-free. This is a long term investment plan, it can open for 15 years, in which you have to make a fixed investment every month. You can get a minimum of 500 rupees in it and a maximum of 1.5 lakhs can be invested in a year. In which you get 4% interest. In this, you are also given a loan facility. If you want, you can withdraw some of your money after 6 years.

PPF Calculator India: By investing in PPF, you can get more interest from banks with fixed deposits, plus your money is safe in it. Through this PPF calculator, you can know how much your money will increase if you invest a certain amount continuously. Through this PPF calculator, you can calculate the returns of your investment for free. The purpose of this calculator site is to help you make your predictions. This calculator is designed in such a way that it gives you an add of 7. 9% interest rate. In this PPF account maturity calculator, we have separately told how much interest you will get and how much you will get on maturity. You will come to know that the PPF account matures in fifteen years, And only you get your money.

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What are the benefits of a PPF account?

There are some important advantages of PPF account, which are as follows 1 This is a risk-free investment, as it is done by the government bank. 2 This is a tax-free investment plan, ie the government does not take any tax on whatever amount of return you receive. 3 You can withdraw its money anytime after 6 years in between.

How Can Use This PPF Calculator?

Most people face problems in calculating their ppf, to avoid the same problems, we have created this ppf calculator 2020. It is quite easy to use it, first you have to enter the amount you want to deposit or invest every year, after that you have to enter the time interval for which you will keep depositing your amount continuously. As soon as you enter both points, the results come in front of you,

  • Total Investment: in the total investment column, you get to see the amount that you deposit in your time period.

  • Total interest: in this column, the total interest you get is shown.

  • Total amount :- And finally, the total amount you get is shown in the mutual amount. In this way, all three important points are cleared.
  • What are the benefits of using this ppf account calculator?

    This is a ppf account calculator that you use to calculate the investment made in your ppf account. The ppf account calculator is useful for you because with its help you can count your investment and interest on it in seconds. This PPF calculator shows you your results as soon as you enter your values. Here we are telling the fact that this page presents you the result with 7.9% interest.

    ppf account calculator online

    PPF Intrest Rate 2020 With Example

    In this table, we have tried to understand how and how much return you can get from your investment. In this we did this if you invest 1.5 lakh rupees, then how much will you add in the year.
    Note:-This interest rate can also decrease or increase over time. For now we have prepared this table by calculating a loss of 7.1%.

    Year Opening amount Deposit Rate of interest Closing amount Loan Amount withdrawn
    1 0 Rs.150000 Rs.11400 Rs.161400 0 0
    2 Rs.161400 Rs.150000 Rs.23666 Rs.335066 0 0
    3 Rs.335066 Rs.150000 Rs.36865 Rs.521931 Rs.40350 0
    4 Rs.521931 Rs.150000 Rs.51067 Rs. 722998 Rs.83767 0
    5 Rs.722998 Rs.150000 Rs.66348 Rs.939346 Rs.130483 0
    6 Rs.939346 Rs.150000 Rs.82790 Rs.1172136 Rs.180750 0
    7 Rs.1172136 Rs.150000 Rs.100482 Rs.1422618 0 Rs.260966
    8 Rs.1422618 Rs.150000 Rs.119519 Rs.1692137 0 Rs.361499
    9 Rs.1692137 Rs.150000 Rs.140002 Rs.1982139 0 Rs.469673
    10 Rs.1982139 Rs.150000 Rs.162043 Rs.2294182 0 Rs.586068
    11 Rs.2294182 Rs.150000 Rs.185758 Rs.2629940 0 Rs.711309
    12 Rs.2629940 Rs.150000 Rs.211275 Rs.2991215 0 Rs.846069

    PPF Calculator SBI And Others:

    All is a government bank, in which you get all kinds of facilities, the public provident fund is also one of them. Almost all banks on the PPF account give the same interest rate. But we advise you to open SBI Bank's PPF account. Using this PPF Calculator SBI , you can also calculate the investment of the PPF account of SBI Banks.