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What Is EPF? - EPF calculator SBI

With the help of this PF calculator, you can Calculate easily your PF ( EPF ). PF calculator is very popular in India Because there are too many puff employees in India. You Can easily Calculate your pf by this pf calculator India

*A working person is always cautious about his EPF ie Employees Provident Fund. Employee Provident Fund or Employee Provident Fund is essentially applicable in every company. EPF is a scheme that not only gives you a lump sum amount but also provides pension benefits when you retire. 

Currently, more than 4 crore EPF account holders are in the country. Whose account is monitored by EPFO? Here we will try to give you complete information about the EPF, which is commonly called PF, and will also tell you how much EPF amount is contributed. Other - PPF Calculator Online.

How is the PF amount calculated?

Interest in EPF is calculated on the contribution made by the employee as well as the employer. An employee's contribution to an EPF fund is equal to 12 percent of his basic salary and dearness allowance (DA). 

When the basic salary including DA is 15,000 or less, the employee's total contribution includes 12 percent of basic pay and DA of which the employer's contribution includes 3.67 percent of the basic salary and DA. 

How Can Calculate Employee Provident Fund ( EPF )?

pf calculator India - pf calculator online

It is very easy to access and use our EPF Calculator. Just input the values and the result will be generated within seconds.

Step 1: Enter or drag your salary.

Step 2: Enter or drag your age. (maximum of 60 years)

Step 3: As soon as you input the values, the employer's contribution (eps + epf), total interest earned, and total maturity amount will be reflected in the results.

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This is how the interest is calculated:

The interest in this contribution is calculated once the contribution made by the employer and the employee is calculated. Interest is calculated on each month's opening balance as if the opening balance for the first month is zero, the interest earned on the first month will also be zero.

For the second month, the interest is calculated on the closing balance of 1 month, which is the same as the opening balance from the second month. The first month's closing balance is calculated based on the first month's contribution from the employee and the employer.

Similarly, the interest in the third month is calculated based on the closing balance of the second month. On the other hand, the closing balance of the second month is calculated based on the closing balance of the first month and the total contribution made by both the employee and the employer for the second month.

At the end of the year, the amount of contribution made by the employee as well as the employer is added to the amount of interest earned over 12 months. The result that comes after doing this is the closing EPF balance at the end of the year. This amount becomes the opening balance for the second year. The interest for the first month before the second year is calculated based on the opening balance of the second year.

Total amount deposited in EPF till the end of the year = Total amount deposited by the end of 12 months (both employer and employee's share) + Total share of interest income received every month = 57,000 + 2351 = Rs 59351.

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