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How to calculate mutual fund returns?

There are different types of mutual fund returns that an investor should be familiar with. They are Full Return, Annual Return, Total Return, Return Return, Point to Point Return, and Rolling Return.

 This can be somewhat misleading for a potential investor to take into account some factors, which is where the mutual fund return calculator online can be extremely helpful.

SIP mutual fund return calculator

This will give you complete estimates for the investment period of 1 year, 3 years, and 5 years. It enables you to make future financial plans based on projected returns. You do not have to be a subject matter expert to be able to use this calculator. 

It is simple to use, and even someone already using it will not find it challenging to navigate. The mutual fund calculator is a practical financial tool that enables an investor to calculate the returns received by investing in a mutual fund.

 Broadly, there are two ways in which one can invest in mutual funds - one time and monthly.

SIP or Systematic Investment Plan is an opportunity to invest in mutual funds. In a SIP, a person invests a small amount every month on designated schemes. Remember one thing that the NAV of such funds varies every month and the same amount of money can be purchased in different months by units of variable number. 

 An investment is when a person invests a substantial amount of money in a particular scheme at one time. One of the primary benefits of opting for a one-time investment is that the change in the NAV price does not affect the number of units you can buy.

MF Calculator How Does Work?

You need to input three required data points; 1 Total Investment, 2 Estimate how much interest you expect, 3 Time for which you are investing your money. 

With that, you will see your total return which is expected. An online MF calculator predicts returns on your SIP based on specific criteria. All you have to do is repay the SIP amount, the duration of the investment, and the expected rate of return and the result of the calculator in a few seconds.